Worldless Soundtrack


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Immerse yourself amongst the sounds of Worldless, this carefully crafted soundtrack from Berlinist and BeGun transports listeners to a place amongst the stars. The soundtrack features 18 unique tracks that collectively can be described as an ambient, sometimes dark, and melancholic flux of sound that has a precise function: elevate the atmosphere of each level and at the same time try to convey a precise mood to the player. TRACK LISTING [2:27] Sightless Conflict [5:16] Tranquil Onset [4:48] Growing Struggle [4:34] Blissful Release [4:03] Melancholic Undergo I [4:03] Melancholic Undergo II [5:09] Opaque Heights [5:09] Blooming Damnation [3:00] Remembrance [3:08] Grand Sorrow [2:52] Grand Virtue [3:24] Warped Transcendence [6:24] Uniques Solitude [3:23] Helpless Perfection [3:02] Cusp of the Beginning [2:34] The First Iteration [3:02] Plea for an End [1:36] Existence