Celtic Kings: Rage of War


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Julius Caesar wants to expand his already massive empire and he has his sights set on the lush countryside of Gaul. Celtic Kings: Rage of war brings you the excitement of the Roman conquests in two modes: strategic and adventure. In strategic mode, you play as either the Romans or the Gauls in a world where tactical and strategic maneuveres are the key to victory. In adventure mode you take on the role of Larax and the battle the warring tribes who have raided your village and killed your wife. Two exciting game modes, one action-packed conquest – let the best warrior win! Multiplayer notice: The game’s official multiplayer servers have been taken offline and the only multiplayer options available are LAN or Direct IP.A great mixture of two genres – adventure and real-time strategy Beautifully stylized 2D graphics An inspiring storyline set during the Gallic Wars