SGT_D3lta Featured Streamer of the Month

September 2022


SGT_D3lta is happy to introduce SGT_D3lta as September’s Streamer of the Month! SGT_D3lta is a high-energy streamer who has a passion for the streaming community that he’s built.

Read below to find out more about what makes SGT_D3lta our choice for September’s Streamer of the Month:

What was your original motivation for starting to stream on Twitch? Is that motivation that you started with why you have stayed with the platform, or did it change over time?

My initial motivation to stream was based on my wife and I watching YouTubers/Streamers when we first started dating. We saw a group of people having fun with friends and thought we could do the same thing. As the years progressed, we continued to meet new people, play new games, and build off that fun-loving atmosphere while setting small milestones for growing on the platform.

Some of the most engaging streamers I have watched have experience in the military. Your share this background and engaging quality, so I am curious about how that plays a role in the wider Twitch community. Do you think that your military background played a role in originally attracting you to Twitch?

The military has taught me the team aspect of a community. Some of the traits I use in stream come from being able to talk to multiple people from all walks of life and finding that middle ground to achieve cohesion and success. Part of being a good leader in the military is knowing every aspect of your subordinates’ lives to understand why they perform and what motivates them. I try to do that by getting to know everyone in the community and building a cohesive unit in the stream.

Do you think your military experience plays any role in how you conduct your streams? If so, in what way?

Some skills learned from the military have trickled over into the way I stream. When it comes to verbiage or the overall theme, it is specific to what I am used to and feel comfortable with. Trying to set a mission or plan of action for every stream helps keep it somewhat organized and leads to the success of the stream. Honestly, just being true to yourself and using what you are comfortable with helps create that genuine atmosphere I have tried to create. The person you interact with on stream is who I am and will be the same person you would meet in real life.

What skills have you found that are important to the long-term success of a Twitch streamer? Are there areas of being a Twitch streamer that you found to be more difficult than others because of the skills needed?

I’ve always been taught that consistency equals accuracy. The same thing can be said about twitch. If you remain consistent, streaming at a set time or remaining interactive in discord will help with overall achievement and success. I by no means have all the answers to streaming and learning something new every day. The one thing that has helped me is not focusing on numbers, turn off your viewer numbers and just stream to have fun and be consistent about it. one of the hardest things is remaining interactive and reactive to chat even if you don’t see anyone chatting. If you are acting like you are talking to a crowd of people, new viewers will feel more inclined to start chatting.

The audience you have built on your channel is engaged during your streams. What would you say to someone who is interested in streaming on Twitch but may not know how to engage with an audience like you do?

When it comes to engagement, the best advice I can give is to talk about your day, talk about your life. If a new viewer comes in, ask them about themselves, people love talking about themselves, and it will help you get to know them better. The more you know about your chat and community, the easier it is to be interactive.

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