Captain_Archer Featured Streamer of the Month

July 2022


This month we are happy to introduce Captain_Archer as our Streamer Of The Month!

We sat down for a chat to learn more about his background and Twitch experience. During our interview, we gleaned insight into how his background helped him develop his unique niche in the wide world of Twitch streaming.

Read below to find out more about what makes Captain_Archer our choice for July’s Streamer of the Month:

What initially attracted Captain Archer to Twitch? Is the initial attraction why he stayed with Twitch, or did he discover something else that keeps him on the platform?

Captain Archer’s original introduction to Twitch began in 2012 when Esports leagues were becoming popular on the platform. Twitch’s growing community and unique approach of having a website that streamed exclusively to gamers piqued his interest, but, at first, it wasn’t enough to pull him into the deep end. Archer decided to get his toes wet by exploring the many streams put out by Twitch gamers of the time, especially when it came to RPGs.

A perfect storm would have to occur for Captain Archer to be pulled into Twitch’s world. As he became more familiar with the platform, he realized his game store business would coincide perfectly with what the community was doing. Streaming would allow him to promote his business and broadcast his love for gaming with the Twitch community.

What makes or breaks a Twitch streamer? Is it mostly personality, or do other factors play a role in long-term success on the platform?

Finding a niche. Captain Archer’s philosophy, which streamers across many online platforms have echoed, is that a streamer should never try to overextend themselves. According to Archer, the ability to find your corner, whether large or small, is integral to connecting with an audience that cares. He stresses that streamers can say what they want about achieving success on Twitch; it comes down to the community that you build.

Did Captain Archer’s background in the Air Force play any role in attracting him to Twitch streaming? Has he noticed it influencing how he streams?

Streamers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with each one influencing how their personalities are portrayed in streams. Captain Archer is a bit different than your average streamer. As a United States Air Force Veteran, his experience gives him a different perspective than many on the platform.

Being a part of the US military brings along with it the likelihood of being stationed at locations across the globe. In living abroad, many enlisted have the opportunity to interact with cultures far different from that at home. Captain Archer states that this is what has genuinely aided him in finding his audience on Twitch. Being stationed in both the United Kingdom and Japan reinforced for him that forming connections is a universal human trait. Culturally, we may approach how we do that differently, but it is something we all seek. By applying that philosophy throughout his streams, Captain Archer can appeal to a worldwide audience of viewers.

What advice would Archer give to a Twitch streamer who is just starting? Were there any obstacles that he encountered when he began streaming that they should avoid?

Captain Archer has two valuable pieces of advice regarding long-term success for new or small streamers on Twitch. The first is consistency. Setting a schedule and sticking to it will allow your growing audience to see you regularly. That consistent exposure, regardless of audience size, builds the positive viewer relationships needed to create a robust and supportive channel.

Secondly, Archer emphasizes that becoming too hung up on viewer count. He has found through his experience on Twitch that turning off the viewer count allows him to focus on being engaged with his audience. By turning off the viewer count, Archer is able to centralize his shows around producing the best and most entertaining show he can.

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