CrisCrosApleSos Featured Streamer of the Month

August 2022


This month we are happy to introduce CrisCrosApleSoS as our Streamer Of The Month!

This month, we wanted to showcase the vast variety of streams that are available on Twitch. With that in mind, CrisCrosApleSoS was our logical choice of streamer to interview for August. His unique ability to blend video games and his inherent creative talents lead to entertaining and highly interactive streams for his audience.

Read below to find out more about what makes CrisCrosApleSoS our choice for August’s Streamer of the Month:

Your approach to streaming is a bit different than your typical video-game-oriented Twitch streamer. What made you decide to stream your passion for creating art?

The pandemic was a jarring time for the majority of us. Being cut off from the rest of society in a way that many had never experienced caused an onslaught of anxiety worldwide. Many of us chose to find comfort online to deal with this shift. It allowed us to speak with one another, albeit very differently than before.

During the pandemic, a shift in CrisCrosApleSoS’s life led him to reach for the same online tools many of us did. A move from the Caribbean back to his home in the United States due to lockdowns led to a need for a socially creative outlet that was no longer available by traditional means. This outlet was Twitch. In the early days of the pandemic, CrisCrosApleSoS would stream building sculptures within No Man’s Sky. As Twitch was meant to be a creative outlet for him, CrisCrosApleSoS didn’t expect to grow much of a following. He didn’t realize that his personal need to create and connect resonated with many within the Twitch community, and would lead his channel to become the robust, creative place it is today.

Were there many obstacles that you experienced having started streaming with non-traditional Twitch content? If so, how did you overcome them?

CrisCrosApleSoS’s initial introduction to Twitch began in 2017. These early streams were a way for him to broadcast his personal creative projects to an audience he felt he could connect with. As mentioned before, the intention was never to produce a massive following. Finding a group of like-minded people that enjoyed his creativity was enough for CrisCrosApleSoS.

Finding that group of like-minded users was the tricky part. Many streaming avenues, such as YouTube, often make it challenging to find unique or independent streamers due to their search functionality. Twitch allowed CrisCrosApleSoS to overcome that. Locating content using hashtags gave CrisCrosApleSoS the ability to cast a much wider net than most other streaming platforms. With that new potential, the CrisCrosApleSoS community was able to grow into a personable, authentic following.

Where do you start when coming up with ideas for your projects that you will stream on Twitch? Do you seek sources of inspiration to help form ideas for these streamed projects?

Inspiration is unique to every person. Some people seek it; others prefer to wait and have it fall into their lap. We may not agree on how to get there, but regardless of the initiation of inspiration, it’s what gives us the spark for creativity.

CrisCrosApleSoS is a perfect example of someone who understands the process of inspiration. According to him, the irony of seeking inspiration is that it can often hinder us from seeing the best ideas. By allowing inspiration to come to him organically, all views are considered. When inspiration comes, CrisCrosApleSoS doesn’t immediately discard new ideas, as he would if he was scrutinizing them in the pursuit of inspiration. This allows for all creative ideas to have the potential to become something great.

Have you noticed that streaming on Twitch has helped with your creations? Does having the community as a part of the creative process help you generate new ideas?

The “purity” of artistic creation is a highly contested subject within the artist community. Is art really an artist’s if others have input? Do outside suggestions take away from a piece of art’s authenticity? These kinds of questions are at the heart of what art is and what qualifies it as an artist’s work or not. To artists, it is one of the most important questions about authenticity out there.

CrisCrosApleSoS comes to a firm conclusion when asked about input on his art. He surmises that art, in all forms, is an expression of all of humanity, not just an individual. By allowing outside input, a piece of art is given authenticity and is therefore valid, according to CrisCrosApleSoS. In that conclusion, he actively encourages his audience on Twitch to participate in both the creation and finalization of his creative endeavors.

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