Mmo.net is proud to introduce MizTracey as October’s Streamer of the Month!

MizTracey is a fun loving streamer who enjoys engaging with the chat, and the company of her Dog Ozzy Pawsbourne, the Prince of Barkness!

Read below to find out more about what makes MizTracey our choice for October.

What initially attracted you to Twitch? Was that initial attraction why you stayed platform, or was it some other revelation you discovered after beginning to stream that kept you there?

Twitch is a platform known for its wide community and high levels of chat interaction. This is the reason that MizTracey was initially attracted to the Twitch platform. Her streaming background, which includes a history of YouTube and Facebook, was an initial hurdle for the transitions to Twitch but, like many others, she decided to stay once she began using the platform.

Were there any hurdles that you encountered in the initial stages of streaming on Twitch that you didn’t expect? If so, what were they, and how did you overcome them?

 MizTracey, like many other streamers, had to adjust to the switch to streaming on Twitch. There are many hurdles that can be encountered within those first few streams, but, as MizTacey recounts, the audio and visual aspects are some of the most common. She details her history of making slight adjustments to the various audio and visual settings to help improve her stream quality. This, combined with building an engaged audience, has led to the continuing success of her channel.

You mention in the bio on your channel that you struggle with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. My wife has the same condition, and we often find that it is quite unknown to the general public, despite its prevalence. Do you experience the same, and if so, how do you explain your struggles with EDS to an audience who may have never heard of it before?

MizTracey, like me, has found that Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is widely unknown to the public due to its wide range of symptoms. As MizTracey explains, EDS can sometimes be debilitating due to the stress it puts on the body. Unfortunately, with its relatively unknown status, it doesn’t receive the amount of research that other diseases do, like cancer. MizTracey goes on to explain that she works to spread awareness of EDS by explaining to others what EDS is and provides the following analogy:

“If you were to make a house, imagine it not being built with cement but with chewing gum.”

That imagery helps paint a picture in an audience’s mind as to what the struggles of EDS are like, as well as how those who suffer from it have to manage daily life.

How does having Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome play a role in how you conduct your Twitch streams? Do you find it gets in the way of your ability to stream at times?

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome can create a host of problems for those who suffer from it. The symptoms can range from joint pain all the way to bone dislocation, and it differs from one person to the other. MizTracey, like many who suffer from EDS, has to cope with treatments for the various ailments that EDS creates. This can get in the way of daily life, but in her case it also can get in the way of streaming.

Having to get infusions and having to put down the controller after short periods of time are some of the treatments that MizTracey engages in during her streams. Instead of letting this hinder her Twitch career, she has turned it into a positive. She uses her voice on Twitch to advocate for the many sufferers of EDS, which exposes an audience to the direct effects that it has on her life and streams.

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