Bruce Cooper

Bruce Featured Streamer of the Month

June 2022

Bruce Cooper

Bruce is a varietal streamer who is passionate about continually growing and improving the gaming community. He broadcasts his passion for games through his streams, and in the process has gained an avid following of gamers on his streaming platforms.

Bruce started streaming on Twitch in March of 2015. This was his first opportunity to reach out to the video game community as a casual streamer, streaming only occasionally. With time and a lot of hard work, Bruce worked himself up to streaming as a full-time career on October 3. 2017. Within three short years, on November 12, 2021, Bruce made Twitch Partner.

You can often find Bruce streaming No Man’s Sky or Final Fantasy XIV on his Twitch to an avid audience of gamers. If you enjoy streamers who have the ability to keep you entertained for hours, Bruce is your man! His storytelling abilities, mixed with an excellent personality that connects with his audience, lead to an ever-engaging lineup of streams.

There are also a couple of fans that have gone photoshop happy and put his face everywhere. Bruce has over 13 thousand followers, and usually between 50 to 90 viewers for most of his streams. I enjoy watching his work and a lot of comradery goes on in the chat. he is one of the best chat followers I have seen on twitch.

In some exciting news about Bruce, as of April 27th, he is a new uncle! Please feel free to click on any of Bruce’s social media or streaming accounts below to be wildly entertained, and remember, be sure to congratulate him on just becoming an uncle!

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