Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake Original Soundtrack


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Get lost in the heartfelt world of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake with an all-new soundtrack. Based on the original score by Gustaf Grefberg, this stunning soundtrack features 10 reworked arrangements and 15 all-new tracks by Daniele Carmosino and Christof Unterberger. Track List: 1. Brothers, A Tale Of Two Sons 2. Tragedy At The Sea 3. Father Is Sick 4. The Village 5. Woods 6. An Unfriendly Dog 7. Unexpected Help 8. The Troll Cave 9. Finally Outside 10. Father’s Theme 11. Wilderness 12. Don’t Trust Those Roots 13. Mother’s Dream 14. Mountains 15. Wings Of Hope 16. Father’s Theme (Feather Version) 17. Dead Giant’s Battlefield 18. Frozen Land 19. The Hidden Menace 20. The Spider Nest 21. The Tree Of Life 22. The Climb 23. Naia 24. Lonely Way Back 25. Heading Home