There Is No Light


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After a global catastrophe, the remains of human civilization built a new religious society among the ruins of the desolated underground. They have forgotten the light of the sun and now are blindly following the New God — The Great Hand. Once every few years, The Hand comes down to the people of the Central Station and takes away the chosen newborns to the world hidden behind the gates of the Sanctuary. The Hero embarks on a dangerous journey through this hostile world to find a way to open the gates and bring his child back. Atmospheric pixel art worldA vast, detailed and beautiful pixel art world to explore. Unique combat systemAdjust your fight style for every foe and boss by switching between 4 main weapons on the go. Thrilling and emotional storyA deep and touching 30-hour long storyline about a family, war and redemption awaits you. 70+ Types of enemies and bossesBe prepared to slaughter hundreds of dreadful monsters and bosses! 1000+ Dialogues and Karma systemNon-linear narrative helps to build a branching story with meaningful choices that will impact the world according to the player’s decisions. Useful skills to upgrade your weaponsA massive skill tree for every weapon allows you to build your own fighting style.