Tempest – Pirate City

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Ahoy, fellow pirates! This a long-awaited expansion adds one of the highly requested features: an ability to build and develop your own settlement. Get ready to provide your new home with proper protection, do favors for fellow traders (generous rewards included), search for missing people that got themselves in serious trouble, fight hideous sea monsters and punish thieves among your crew. Sounds like some great adventures are waiting for you, captain! Develop your own settlement As a promising governor, you get to control a simple settlement. Turn it into a thriving city and become the richest and most famous captain of them all! New ship is available Capture a brand new sinister looking ship that goes under the name of Grim Reaper and can be decorated with 4 extra figureheads: wolf, tiger, bear and lion. Buy a share in any shop Improve your financial situation so you can invest even more funds in your city and make the neighbors envious of your success! Become an absolute champion of the arena Introducing a land based battle arena so one can test their captain’s melee fighting skills. Will you be able to survive the ever growing waves of pirates, skeletons, and god knows what else? Global arena records book included!