Carmageddon TDR 2000


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Heads up! This game contains humour, strong language, and violence that some may find offensive. You may find it offensive in other ways, too. We do. Disclaimer! Stainless Games had no involvement in the development of Carmageddon: TDR 2000. So, you have been warned. Final Warning! So, hopefully that’s clear now. Carry on! Yes, it’s the game literally… SOME of you asked for! And so, in the spirit of “well, alright then, if you insist…” we present the third game in the Carmageddon series, in the knowledge that some of you Carma fans out there would like to have a complete Carmageddon collection in your GOG library. Nothing wrong with that. Anyway, here’s what the blurb on the back of the DVD case had to say about Carmageddon: TDR 2000: The world’s most controversial racing game returns with incredible graphics, fantastic game play and even more outrageous fun! Max Damage, imprisoned for life, plots his escape. However, there’s the small matter of an army of police, hordes of gangsters and thousands of enraged inhabitants – all with homicide on their minds. To succeed, it will take a four wheeling genius with no morals, a killer instinct and a burning passion to escape. No such person existed… until now!Drive 50 totally destructible vehicles. Over 48 missions and races to complete. 9 completely 3D single player environments to explore and destroy. 7 multi-player game types in 9 custom maps.