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Outshine is an arcade, fast-paced typing game where you type words to destroy your enemies. After the Shards experimented on Hue, they pushed it so hard, resulting in unleashing its power. A challenging arcade gameplayPlay Hue and take revenge on your opponents by destroying them using your special abilities.A tactical typing gameEach world has its own flow, enemies and bosses. Master your different powers, get to know your enemies’ behaviour and get rid of them before they annihilate you. Create your own game experienceUse the game modifiers to change the rules of the game and create your own custom experience according to your preferences. Finish the game, replay with other rules.LeaderboardYou are good at typing? You think your name belongs at the top of Outshine’s leaderboard? Then type your way up there and show everyone your skills. Your mightiest weapon, your keyboardIn Outshine, everything is played with your keyboard. From combats to menus the entire game can be played solely with your favorite keyboard. All keys are re-bindable, supporting all kinds of layouts (Qwerty, Azerty, Qwertz, Dvorak, Colemak, BÉPO,…).