Nox Archaist Book of Hints

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Also available in:Nox Archaist DLC Bundle The Book of Hints contains everything you need to fully enjoy and complete the game of Nox Archaist. Designed for both novice and experienced players, this digital download is packed with information. The download includes:176-page eBook/PDFProgressive hints to avoid spoilers Walkthrough for each quest Full game walkthrough Tips & tricks for both first-time and replay Details and locations of castles, towns, and more Complete list of books, scrolls, and quest items Location of trainers and other helpful NPCs Hidden treasures and secret passageways Behind-the-scenes trivia from the game creatorsComplete Set of MapsComplete of spoiler-free maps (in the eBook) Complete set of full-color maps, using the Nox Archaist tile set Complete set of spoiler maps showing monsters, treasure chests, and secret doorsJump start your game with the Book of Hints, and become a master of Nox Archaist! About the author: Andrew Schultz is the author of several text adventures as well as maps and walkthroughs of hundreds of classic computer games including Ultima, Dragon Wars, Bard’s Tale, and many others. The game maps are by Nox Archaist master @rikkles.