Knights of the Chalice 2 – Archmage Pack

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About This Content The Archmage Pack is the indispensable companion to Knights of the Chalice 2! Whether you’re interested in gameplay advice, tactical tips, a detailed walkthrough, high-quality game soundtracks, or the creation of new adventure modules, there is much content of interest for you to find within the pack. The main features of the pack are described below. Augury of Chaos PDF Guidebook: This richly-illustrated 410-page guidebook covers the following topics: difficulty options, general advice, weapon styles, weapon enchantments, character-creation advice, skills, how to build each class, important spells, spell tactics, building a party, recruitable companions, complete walkthrough, puzzles, power rankings. Module Editor PDF Guidebook: This essential 67-page guidebook provides detailed instructions and advice about the KotC 2 Module Editor. Read this easy-to-use guidebook to learn how to create your own adventure modules and edit existing modules. It’s the ultimate reference that will grant you all the keys needed to unlock your creativity! Soundtracks: The Archmage Pack includes 54 MP3 soundtracks and two WAV soundtracks. The set of MP3 soundtracks includes 28 soundtracks from KotC 2, 17 soundtracks from KotC 1, and nine soundtracks from Battle of the Sands. Finally, you can listen to your favourite KotC music easily on your device of choice. Extra PNG artwork: The Archmage Pack also features four splash screens (including one in very large size), 17 early illustrations of character classes, and 100 large-size achievement icons. Additional content may be added to the Archmage Pack in the future. KotC 2 Archmage Edition: If you haven’t purchased KotC 2 yet, be sure to pick up the Archmage Edition to enjoy KotC 2 to the fullest. The KotC 2 Archmage Edition includes the base software and the Archmage Pack. Thank you for reading, Valiant Knight!