Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow Soundtrack


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The composer drew inspiration from the game’s character imagery and overall atmosphere while creating the soundtrack. Each level within the game presents a distinct sonic realm, providing a secure space for genre experimentation. TRACK LISTING [01:04] Destruction of Enchanted Wings [03:03] Echoes of Destiny [01:11] Elegy of Sorrow [02:16] Enchanted Wings [01:07] Enigmatic Encounter [01:08] Intense Pursuit [02:47] Joyful Harmonies [00:54] Martial Symphony Prelude [02:21] Martial Symphony [01:43] Melancholic Destiny [01:22] Serenade of Hearts [00:24] Serene Daydreams [02:36] Tears of Tragedy [01:12] Tension_s Edge [01:37] Unknown Horizons [01:37] Veil of Mystery