Chambers of Devious Design

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Different rooms have their own unique effects and preferences for neighbors. By finding the optimal placements you can gain a tactical advantage over your opponents and unleash the full potential of your architecture. There is nothing more satisfying than finding just the right fit! Your opponent shouldn’t have started building so close to you… Teach them a lesson by planting a room full of dynamite next to their control room! Or maybe you should shoot at them with a cannon instead? Enhance your strategy with passive perks and utilize unique special abilities to secure your lead! Building an opulent lair is a good way to impress the evil mastermind. But sometimes it’s all about destroying your enemies or simply being the last person who can continue building. Play through the campaign against AI for varied gameplay or tune everything according to your wishes in the Custom Game mode. Each character has their own unique bonuses catering to different playstyles. Find out who is your favorite henchman!