Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Miriam’s Complete Cosmetic Bundle


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Miriam’s Complete Cosmetic Bundle contains all three premium DLC cosmetic packs designed to give Miriam unique looks in the game. Fight demons in style with these stylish new looks!  The bundle includes the Succubus, Magical Girl and Japanesque cosmetic packs.  Each cosmetic set includes multiple unique items that can be equipped as a set or individually. When all of the items for a set are equipped, the character’s HUD updates with a unique appearance.  The individual pieces each have their own stats and can be upgraded by crafting. Succubus Cosmetic Set *  Scythe (WEAPON) *  Vampiric Wig (HEAD) *  Vampiric Skinsuit (BODY) *  Vampiric Wings (ACCESSORY) *  Vampiric Choker (SCARF) * Dream Steal (SHARD) Magical Girl Cosmetic Set * Miri Scepter (WEAPON) * Miri Wig (HEAD) * Miri Dress (BODY) * Communicator (ACCESSORY) * Summon Bu-chan (SHARD) * Familiar: Bu-chan (FAMILIAR) Japanesque Cosmetic Set * Japanesque Umbrella (WEAPON) * Japanesque Wig (HEAD) * Japanesque Robe (BODY) * Sarashi (ACCESSORY) * Usagi Mask (ACCESSORY) * Sakura Storm (SHARD)