Zoria: Age of Shattering Soundtrack


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Zoria: Age of Shattering official soundtrack by Edwin Pickett. This score blends serene melodies and dynamic rhythms, enhancing your RPG experience. Journey through mystical lands with atmospheric tunes that transition into battle-ready symphonies as danger arises. Perfect for both digital and tabletop sessions, this soundtrack is an essential companion, making your adventures more immersive and unforgettable. Let the music of Zoria guide your epic journey. TRACK LISTING [2:30] Beneath the rock and sand [2:30] Forgotten time of ages past [1:24] Clash of the Damned [2:27] A moment of respite [2:31] Forest of Nurdundas [1:29] Charge of the Izirians [1:31] Between peril and a sharp blade [1:28] Danger from the North [1:34] Mater’s strings [1:28] Fall of Daeg Forom [2:00] Ancient discord