Whispering Willows – Art Book, Soundtrack and Wallpaper

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Includes: Digital Art Book – A 56 page Digital Art Book exploring the concepts and style used to create the art of Whispering Willows Wallpaper – 1920×1280 Wallpaper of Elena Elkhorn Soundtrack – 12 Tracks of original music from Whispering Willows composed by Steve Goldshein TRACK LISTING [1:48] Wortham Willows [4:54] Elena’s Arrival [1:18] The Catacombs [2:47] The Garden Maze [2:18] Dust and Shadows [5:04] Mansion Entrance [1:28] They’re Still Here… [2:20] Valse Macabre [1:54] Lingerers [1:48] Elena’s Solitude [3:28] Whispering Willows End Credits [3:00] Whispering Willows Theme (Dance Remix)