What Lies in the Multiverse – Soundtrack

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Sit back and enjoy the official soundtrack of What Lies in the Multiverse, complete with all 55 original tracks from the game. The songs are divided into two main groups: character music and stage music, all composed by Vicente Aguiló and arranged by Ronny Antares. Indulge your ears with a wide variety of genres, including energetic swing, pop rock, techno, classical, and more. TRACKLIST Discover 1:17 Where We All Meet 2:42 Where We All End 2:41 The Magician 2:13 Magic! 1:38 Through the Leaves 3:57 Through the Corpses 4:04 No Coffee Left 1:20 No One Left 1:22 Unstable 1:35 Friendly Faces 2:05 Friendly Fire 2:05 What Can I Serve You? 1:19 Get Out 1:20 Your Strength 2:08 YOU Are Unstable 1:20 We’re Just Starting 2:16 Where the Sun Burns 2:37 Where the Sun Ends 2:37 Voyagers 1:30 Shine the Brightest! 1:24 Carried Away 2:21 Enjoy Your Ride 2:32 A Calming Voice 2:29 Night on the Streets 3:05 Flowers on the Streets 3:06 Night Life 2:08 Death Blossom 2:08 Pussy, Money, Catnip 1:11 Daddy Needs a New Jacket 1:28 Under the Spotlight 1:46 Song to Listen To While Being Chased by an Injured Man Wearing a Tree Costume in a Sewer 1:44 A Grasp of Fresh Air 2:51 No Air for the Unchanged 2:51 My Open Heart 1:30 Crumbling 1:11 Lost 1:33 My Broken Heart 1:05 The Labyrinth 2:45 The Heist of the Millennium 1:02 Another Day in Horacio’s Life 0:15 Where’s the Fire 1:20 Feels Like Space 4:25 ecapS ekiL sleeF 4:25 Impulsive Buyer 1:34 Dear Edward, 1:26 Reading About You 8:14 You Can’t Handle the Truth! 2:21 Empty 3:40 Knowledge 1:08 Voices 2:56 Freedom 5:39 Goodbye 1:18 Across the Multiverse 4:41 Good Luck, Kid 1:55