Whale Rock Games – Immersive Puzzles Bundle

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Save more with Whale Rock Games – Immersive Puzzles Bundle! Whale Rock Games – Immersive Puzzles Bundle brings you exciting games for a great price! Titles included in the bundle: Dofamine – You must explore the labyrinth of riddles and investigate the apocalyptic event at the research facility following the experiments with the Higgs boson, or “the God particle”. NeuraGun – is a third-person science fiction puzzle game. The player will have to go through a maze of mysteries that will lead him out of the tangled scientific complex. Cybernetic Fault – Prove your ability to read names next to the big red buttons! Show your ability to fight for life in a science center that is falling apart from the consequences of an insane scientific experiment! Euphoria: Supreme Mechanics – The ability to discern hidden connections is both a gift and a curse. The covert mechanisms of reality do not reveal themselves to any and all, and there is a price to pay for this knowledge… Inquisitor’s Heart and Soul – Summon demonic invasions, punish heretical enclaves, punish traitors and renegades. Do not deny yourself anything – after all, you are the hand and anger of the highest good. Give the apostates darkness, so that they learn to appreciate the light! The Divine Invasion – Strange events occur in the cyberpunk age: a mysterious criminal steals museum pieces, historical documents in order to make certain corrections and then puts everything back. Someone is trying to prove that Good and Evil have swapped places in the past… But why? SPACE ACCIDENT – Your hero is Andy Freeman, a technical engineer of the Zeus-M700 spacecraft, sent on an expedition to the satellite of Jupiter to colonize it. However, what is conceived does not always go according to plan… In-game features, languages and system requirements may vary between titles. Please check particular game cards for more precise information.