Wargame Construction Set III: Age of Rifles 1846-1905 + Campaigns


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The easiest to play and most comprehensive game of it’s kind! Master the art of war in a world where the rifle is the king! Age of Rifles puts you in command of troops from around the world, fighting the endless battles that raged between 1846 and 1905. Much more than a Civil War game, Age of Rifles includes the battles of Europe, Aisa, and South America. Every major conflict is yours to control! Beautiful, painstakingly rendered units and icons and an original period soundtrack will convince you that you have returned to a time when the rifle rules the land! Key features: Easy-to-use game interface allows the novice player to take command immediately. Create your own scenarios and campaigns with the comprehensive GAME EDITOR! Choose from over 1000 uniform combinations, 80+ weapons, and 28 nationalities to create your dream battle. Unique gunshot, explosion, and fire animations bring the battlefield to life as your troops advance. Campaigns and scenarios can be played from either side as stand-alone, two player, or email games. Unparalleled computer opponent AI. The Gazetteer encyclopedia contains complete historical background on individual encounters, wars, and weapons. Sequel to the award-winning Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks! Includes 8 campaigns and 62 scenarios: American Civil War/East American Civil War/West American Civil War/Full Austro-Prussian: Six Weeks War Franco-Prussian War Mexican-American War Russo-Japanese War Soldier Queen Campaign expansion adds 3 campaigns and 30 scenarios: British Colonial Indian Mutiny Wars of Italian Unification Hood’s Drive North