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Underhero is a 2D side-scroller RPG adventure game with timing-based combat. It tells an intriguing and mysterious story, full of silly characters brimming with personality, quirky dialogue, and lots of weird humor.STORY: Inspired by Paper Mario games and RPGs in general, it tells the story of a world where the chosen hero has failed and an underling of the main villain takes his place as the new “hero”. Join Elizabeth IV and a little Masked kid in a journey across the Chestnut Kingdom to once again, defeat the evil Mr. Stitches! Meet friends, foes and other weird characters in the mysterious world of Underhero. …Wait, once again!? FEATURES: A sidescrolling RPG adventure full of beautiful pixel art and cartoony aesthetics. Turn-based combat with a twist: there are no turns! Use your reflexes to evade, and your timing to attack or parry! We call it timing-based combat. Level ups let you choose between three options! HP, attack and stamina! Choose wisely… Enemies consider you their ally, so talk to them in-battles! Critical hits occur when you hit an enemy with the beat of the music, not randomly! Groovy~ You want to escape a tough battle? Bribe your enemies! A wonderful original soundtrack composed by Stijn van Wakeren. Explorable worlds sprinkled with many hidden secrets. Mini games! Puzzle elements. Some good old platforming. Fun and intense boss battles! A satire of RPG tropes. A story shrouded in mystery, with many twists and turns…