The Escapists 2 – Season Pass


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STOP! Yes, you there. You are under arrest on suspicion of escaping from prison! You have the right to remain silent and no right to go and enjoy The Escapists 2 Season Pass. Glorious Regime Prison Despite the towering walls, electric fences and the fact that you can’t leave, you should be thankful to be serving time here. The Glorious Leader sees and hears all. Every day you must attend roll call in the shadow of his almighty monument! Experience the thrill of escaping the hidden compound deep in the jungle. You’ll need determination and drive to avoid the unquestioningly devoted guards, constant surveillance, and the illustrious Leader himself, in your bid for freedom. Wicked Ward! What possessed the guards to lock you up in an abandoned hospital ward? Things are getting scary, but fear not, escaping is sure to lift those spirits! This haunting and daunting prison will test even the most seasoned Escapists. Can you escape the undead guards, or will you stay locked in the spooky supernatural slammer? Big Top Break Out! It’s time to put the whack in wacky in the craziest prison yet, wield a squirty flower as a weapon, juggle as a job and avoid those vicious guard poodles at all costs! You’ll need your wits as escaping is no small feat and there’s absolutely no time to clown around! Make your escape and make it quick…or face a life-time imprisoned in a traveling circus! Dungeons and Duct Tape! Hear ye, hear ye! For your crimes against the crown you have been sentenced to spend the rest of your days in the dungeon…Unless you can put the craft in crafty and unlock castle Locke! With a medley of medieval outfits, jobs and items, escape however floats your boat, along as it gets you over that dastardly moat!