The Colonel’s Bequest


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Why has the reclusive Colonel Dijon called his rivalrous relations together? It’s a mysterious re-union at his secluded mansion, deep in the bayous of Southern Louisiana! It is the year 1925, and the roaring ’20s are well underway. As Laura Bow, young college student, you’ve been invited to visit the Colonel’s isolated estate. Watch as the Colonel announces his intention to bequeath his millions to all present! Immediately, you sense greed and suspicion among the Colonel’s relatives and associates. The air becomes thick with anger and betrayal. As the drama unfolds you must evade the dangers that await you everywhere, and expose the killer before he or she strikes again!Explore the gloomy estate in an attempt to discover who is murdering the Colonel’s guests, and why… Discover hidden places where secrets may lie… Overhear intriguing conversations… Choose your friends wisely… Avoid the swamp at all costs…