Talisman – The Highland Expansion: Legendary Deck


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Calling upon the ancient spirits that dwell within the Highlands, the Eagle King prepares to unleash his full fury upon the brave adventurers invading his homeland. Want to add some challenge to your next Talisman: Digital Edition adventure? With the Legendary Deck for The Highland Expansion, you can increase the difficulty of cards you’ll encounter when playing with this expansion. This Legendary Deck replaces selected cards from the adventure deck of the Highland Expansion, with the new cards being designed to offer extra challenge for hardcore Talisman players. It also increases the difficulty of battling the Eagle King. Please note: You need to have the original Expansion in order to use this Legendary Deck. An Enraged Eagle KingAfter having been betrayed by the Great Wizard, the Eagle King has been waiting for his chance to destroy the Crown of Command. With his newly reinforced powers, he’s ready to strike down any adventurers in his path!Legendary MonstersGaining favour from the Eagle King himself, two of the most fearsome monsters to stalk the Highland have been made even more furiocious. They wait in hiding, ready to easily destroy unwary adventurers.New Adventure CardsBy playing with this Legendary Deck enabled, your adventure cards will be replaced with new, more challenging cards. This includes cards providing less support than they originally would, making your journey through the Highlands even more treacherous.A Shiny New LookAll Legendary Deck cards also come with a shiny new look, to help you spot them as you play.