Talisman Character – Saracen


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Resurrected and revamped for the latest edition, the Saracen was first seen in the original Dungeon expansion back in 1987. He has now returned to join the ranks of adventurers fighting for the Crown of Command. A seasoned traveller, the Saracen can travel through deserts with ease. Using his years of experience leading followers through dangerous lands, he can recruit them from other players. Followers are also naturally drawn towards the Saracen, so you can grab them before defeating monsters! Purchase the Saracen to add him to your list of available characters. She is then available to choose in all game modes. Strength: 4 Craft: 3 Lives: 4 Fate: 2 Start Space: Oasis You begin the game with a Shield from the Purchase deck. You do not lose a life in the desert. You may attempt to recruit from a character that you land on, allowing you to take one Follower of your choice. To do so, roll one die: you must roll less than or equal to the number of Followers he has. You may treat all Followers as if they had an encounter number of 1.