Take No Prisoners


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BLITZ OUT, FOR THE LADS You are Slade. Before the nuclear war, Special Ops commando. Now, survivor. Killing had never been your first initiative, but you were good at it… very good. And your time for killing has begun. The road to salvation, to the Dome, is littered with the corpses of those who sought its life-giving secrets. But no one person has the technology to breach the Done. Each Zoner group has a piece of the answer. All you have to do is separate them from the information that they hold. Time to kill, or be killed. Top Down Mayhem: A greater field of vision allows you to implement more sophisticated attack and defense strategies. Multiplane levels surround you with enemy targets in 3D, so now you can pick off enemies both above and below you. Non-linear territories: There’s many different paths to victory, so rage anywhere you want within 20 freak-filled indoor and outdoor territories. Take’em on one by one or explore ahead before completing previous levels. More enemies. Smarter Enemies: Mutants, Mechs, Humans, Sub-Humans, Freaks, Preppies, Grunts – all with advanced AI that gives them extremely tough, individualized combat behavior. Massive Firepower: Disembowel with a Tachyon Cannon, light’em up with a Molotov, or cauterize with a Laser Rifle. With 21 weapons, 22 combat items, and multiple vehicles you can punish anything and everything in sight.