Stellar Monarch: The Age of Technology


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Stellar Monarch is a grand strategy 4X where you are an emperor not a logistics officer. It focuses on the grand scale of things with no micromanagement. There are rebels, assassins, court factions and disloyal admirals. In addition to traditional 4X mechanics you also deal with the internal affairs of the empire.ABOUT THE EXPANSION:The Age of Technology expansion focuses on technology and science. New optional research mechanics (random technologies, hidden technologies, additional technologies), terraforming mechanic, new alien races, astro engineers, construction of megastructures and a few minor additions. There is an option to disable the expansion for people who prefer to play without it and an option to enable only some of the features of the expansion, so everyone can customize the gameplay to his/her own taste.MAJOR FEATURES: Research mechanics improved (hidden technologies option, random technologies option, new technologies) New asymmetric alien races (Hyberians, Mechatrons, Exotrians) Astro Engineers who can construct megastructures and terraform planets Megastructure: Imperial Battlestar (fearsome mobile battle station to strengthen your defences to ensure internal security) Megastructure: Homeworld Reconstruction (turn Terra into Megacity planet) Megastructure: Subspace Inhibitor (deal with those pesky The Hive once and for all) Terraformation mechanic Satellites mechanic New planet types (Toxic and Steppe) New Scientific Glorious Achievement Join our Discord