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STASIS: BONE TOTEM Soundtrack is also included in the STASIS: BONE TOTEM SUPPORTERS PACK Mark Morgan (Fallout, Planescape, Wasteland), the creator of the iconic STASIS soundtrack, has returned and crafted a new masterpiece. His deep-sea, sci-fi musicscape captures the murk and horrific explosiveness of BONE TOTEM’s tense setting, immersing the listener in a claustrophobic space. The haunting, otherworldly sounds in the soundtrack evoke a sense of intense pressure and anxiety, building tension and suspense as this family struggles to survive their underwater tomb. Paying homage to classic sci-fi films like Alien and Event Horizon, the soundtrack nods to their iconic soundtracks while creating something fresh and new. In addition to Mark’s work on the soundtrack, The Brotherhood, and guest composers have remixed several of Morgan’s tracks to create a varied yet unique and terrifying atmosphere below the waves. TRACK LISTING [00:41] Together [03:44] Bone Totem [04:20] KDK12 [02:10] Dead Things [03:14] Family [01:08] Pressure Breach [03:20] At the bottom of the ocean [03:02] The Church Of Cayne [03:44] Tension In The Depths [01:38] Them [02:18] Under Pressure [04:00] Prelude to the deep [02:04] Wake Up [01:12] Bring The Fire [01:56] Memories [03:17] Finding Hope [04:02] Bonus – Mac Explores [07:29] Bonus – Charlie Explores [03:57] Bonus – Moses Explores