Songs of Syx


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Songs of Syx is a fantasy city-builder where you start off as an insignificant colony and build, scheme, and fight your way towards a metropolis and empire. The mechanics are complex and true to life, where small events can spiral into the collapse of kingdoms. Easy to learn, but impossible to master. It’s set in a low-fantasy world with graphics aimed at stimulating your imagination. Living WorldFull of different races, cultures, old and new gods and strange creatures. Night turns to day, climate and weather change, and migrations of animals and people flow. Droughts and pestilence, pirates and bandits, and new discoveries will ensure kingdoms and empires come and go with or without your intervention. No game will ever be the same, as all content, background stories, and easter-eggs are generated uniquely each iteration, while still sticking to a rich background story that you will unfold piece by piece.Base Building on a Huge ScaleTake your settlement further that you ever have by winning the hearts of your subjects or by whipping them into submission. Have their number swell your insignificant colony into a metropolis of tens of thousands. Be careful not to overreach, as everything you build requires upkeep and a slight disruption of your production, or a dip in your standing, could quickly spiral out of control and your people will not hesitate to depose a thoughtless king.Grand StrategyAs your capital grows, it must be sustained by the villages, towns, lumber camps, castles and ports that constitute your kingdom. But you’re not alone in. Other kingdoms and despots are eager to forge an alliance or expand their borders, so tend to your relations and try not to stand out culturally. To grow your might, you must engage in global trade, where there are no fixed prices, no currency to mint, but based on supply and demand, turning you rich one day, and your goods worthless on the next, if you’re not paying attention.Massive Tactical BattlesGather forces from allies and vassals and conscript traveling mercenaries and heroes to bolster your ranks with up to 20k individual units. Use tactics and skill to encircle your enemy, or let your reputation demoralize them before clashes of up to 40k units, which outcomes dictate the rise and fall of empires.Nobility & SlavesBreak the backs of slaves as they make your beds and swab your floors. Just throw them a bone from time to time to keep them from rising up in revolt. Appoint nobles, or import them from other kingdoms and have them manage different aspects of your kingdom to boosts your production and standing, but be careful with whom to trust, and reward them accordingly as some might get the idea to usurp you or join your enemies.Matching SoundtrackThanks to the fulfilment of our first Kickstarter stretchgoal the game will have a fully fledged soundtrack made by @jasinkamusic. We already have some tracks done which neatly fit into the playable prototype. Explore the lives and personalities of your subjects as you build the basic necessities to survive your first winter. Hunt and forage and farm to keep them fed and weave clothes to keep them warm. The people that makes up your settlement come in many different races, with their own skills and flaws. Each one is an individual, with its own personality, agenda, preferences, friends and traits. You don’t control them directly, you rather make the plans and they execute intelligently. If you take good care of them, more will immigrate to your settlement. If you wrong them, they might serve you inefficiently, or openly rebel against you. Take your settlement further that you ever have before by winning the hearts of your subjects or by whipping them into submission. Build cities with up to 30k individuals. As your numbers swell, you will stop focusing on the individuals and turn your attention towards groups. A group can be described as a combination of race, social standing, religion and trade. And in Songs of Syx, subjects don’t like those who are different from them. It is up to you if you want to encourage such behavior by discriminating some groups and imposing privileges on another, or if you want to create a diverse and tolerant society, utilizing the different traits of races. Call your banners and swell your ranks with mercenaries and boost the morale of your soldiers with a hero or two. Enjoy massive battles, that aim to be realistic with low kill rate and fragile morale, as you fend off an invader, or reclaim a kingdom that is rightfully yours. Your city might get raided by bandits. Raiders wants your goods, and if you don’t surrender them they will attack. As you grow, battles will mostly take place outside of cities and out on the field. And the battle matters. It will take years to build up a force and if you’re defeated, the enemy will hunt down those fleeing and annihilate your army, while suffering minor casualties themselves. You will then have to sue for a costly