Songs of Conquest – Soundtrack


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The Songs of Conquest soundtrack features an abundance of majestic and atmospheric songs for you to enjoy. Perfect for chilling out while reading a book or why not use it as a soundtrack for your next role playing or board game session? TRACK LISTING: [3:45] Main Theme [4:25] Birth of Aurelia [3:21] The Law of the Land [4:00] Fields of Arleon [4:29] Words of Wiesh (Instrumental) [3:48] Arleon’s Triumph [4:24] Misty Woods of the Faey [4:20] The Essence [4:17] Stoutheart shall Stand [4:16] The Stories of Old [3:17] The Scent of Easthaven [4:11] Coasts of Vanir [4:25] Mercenaries of the Sand [4:40] The Harima Remembers [4:08] The Bones of Suvwl’ah [3:37] Dunes of Barya [4:32] Love of a Tree Mother [3:39] The Marsh gives life [4:29] Slaughter of Easthaven [4:01] Aurelian Ruins [4:02] Rana’s Uprising [4:11] Azure Oasis [2:40] Opening the Crypt [4:05] Loth’s Promise [3:37] March of the Faey [4:42] Legend of the Chelun [3:02] A Troubadour’s Lament [3:45] A Price to Pay [4:03] The Unseen Society [4:17] The Heartlands [3:40] The Bleak East [3:06] Deep Woods [5:14] The Marsh Expands [3:27] Gloomwood [4:12] Bound to Conquer [3:15] Dance of the Vanir [4:19] Song of Stoutheart [4:08] From the Ashes [4:31] Words of Wiesh [4:20] Together for Her [4:44] The Price of Freedom [3:30] Level Editor [3:04] Level Editor (Bonus Loop Edition)