Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – Artbook and Soundtrack


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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One OST Enjoy the original soundtrack for Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, featuring two and a half hours of music produced in-house by Frogwares. To convey the fascinating atmosphere of the island of Cordona, our sound designer and composer Viacheslav Pakalin has created a unique mix of classical Sherlockian tunes with a thrilling Mediterranean flavour. A wide range of instruments has been used to emphasise the diverse and vivid ambience of the game, including but not limited to, piano, violin, hammered dulcimer, percussion, and duduk. Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Artbook Pay a visit to the unique world of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One with this attractive digital artbook that encompasses a vast collection of concept art, drawings, sketches, and renders. This artbook was designed to give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into how we created the extraordinary world of Cordona and its intriguing characters.