Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – Soundtrack

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Consisting of over 80 minutes of original music for the indie-hit Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. Available in both mp3 and flac audio formats, this package contains all 24 tracks of in-game music as well as 5 bonus tracks. Written and produced by Filippo Beck Peccoz. Track list: Main Theme Preparing for Battle The Siege of Ōsaka Trouble on the Nakasendō Preparing to Die The Thieves of Imai Escape from Mount Tsuru Lord Yabu’s Mansion Killing Lord Yabu Spies in Hida Village Suganuma Rescue Attack on Kanazawa Caught Red-Handed The Death of Kage-Sama Betrayal at Mount Tsuru Nearing the End Death of a Friend Mugen Taking Masaru A Fateful Meeting The Death of Noboru Time to Move The Deed Is Done Credits Stealthy Nature (Bonus Track) Stealthy Night (Bonus Track) Stealthy City (Bonus Track) Stealthy Snow (Bonus Track) Stealthy Battlefield (Bonus Track)