Pizza Possum


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Pizza Possum is a short and sweet arcade experience where your goal is to eat as much food as you can without getting caught. An adorable mix of wholesome and mischievous, you hide and seek your way through the village alone or with a friend, using items and bushes to maneuver your way around the patrolling guard dogs. Get to the top of the village, eat the massive pizza, and steal the crown from the dog leader’s head. So what are you waiting for? Time to eat! Appetizing Details: Engage in snackable arcade-style hide-and-seek action Wreak havoc as a bloatable possum Join forces in 2 player local co-op and add the raccoon into the chaos Escape or distract dog patrols using a wide range of items, from smoke bombs to punching gloves Reach the dog leader’s throne, eat their personal king-sized pizza, and steal their crown just because you can Experience the Tasty Ending by completing the crown run three times without getting caught, wearing the crowns to scare away the guards Climb your own personal snack high score Embrace the possum symphony that includes screams, giggles, and taunting as you move through the village Chase the frightened pig and goose neighbors long enough for them to drop more food for you Risk it all for one final crumb of food