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Parquet is a Japanese-style visual novel produced by Yuzusoft Sour, a Japanese developer of romance VNs. In the near future, a technology called Brain-Machine Interface connects the brain and machines. This technology brings about a new paradigm and opens the gates to the digitization of human memory itself. From these new discoveries, “he” is born. An illegal experiment mixes thousands of memories into a single vessel, creating a wholly new being. Having only the memories of others, doubts about who he truly is start arising in his mind, until he gathers the courage to go out into the world in search of his true self. As he steps into the real world, he meets two girls, Kido Tsubasa and Ibaraki Rino. Both kind souls whose lives have been touched by unscrupulous BMI experiments, just like him. Learning to live together with their secrets, “he” and “they” will bring about big changes… Key points: Yuzusoft’s first-ever original All-Ages game Curious living together experience with girls between day and night An intriguing mystery that unfolds itself as the story advances Ibaraki Rino (VA: Touyama Nao) Night Rose Likes: Drinking (She enjoys the good company more than the drinks themselves) This loner might seem distant and cold at first, but below the bravado lies a compassionate, gentle soul that yearns for what she never had. Kido Tsubasa (VA: Touyama Nao) Daytime Sunflower Likes: Delicious food (High in calories) Ramen, Pizza, Hamburgers, junk food. This enigmatic girl exudes confidence and friendliness. Her affable personality and big heart are only rivaled by her bottomless appetite. Ibuki Kanato Frankenstein Soul A special man born from myriad memories. Born under abnormal circumstances, this man searches for meaning in a world with no answers. Will he find the answer to his questions? Can the puppet become human?