Order of Battle: U.S. Marines

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In the spring of 1942 the Japanese suffer their first major setbacks of the Pacific War with the naval battles of Coral Sea and Midway. Seizing this opportunity to take back the initiative, US High Command launches an offensive operation against forward Japanese outposts in the Solomon Islands. As part of this expeditionary force, the US Marine Corps is tasked with assaulting the islands of Tulagi and Guadalcanal. A long and bloody campaign of island hopping in the Pacific Ocean has begun… Order of Battle: U.S. Marines puts players in control of the elite U.S. military branch which proved essential in the Allied victory over Japan. This new expansion follows the story of the U.S. Marine Corps during the island hopping campaign of 1942-1945. As the fighting progresses across small, isolated jungle islands, the Japanese adapt their strategy from ruthless assaults to deep, well-prepared defensive systems – determined to hold on and fight to the last man. Scenarios Tulagi Guadalcanal Munda Point Blissful & Goodtime Bougainville Gilbert Islands Marshall Islands Saipan Guam Palau Iwo Jima New units M2A4 Light Tank DUKW Amphibious Truck Marine Scouts Mortar Infantry F2A Buffalo Captured Shinhoto Chi-Ha BB Kongō Concrete Bunkers New features Support Fire ability for Heavy Infantry New faction: Marine Corps Editor: New Trigger Effect to change hex supply output Editor: Disable production for specific factions Editor: Trigger Effect “Set Unit AI Team” extended to allow – for example – units patrolling back and forth