Offworld Trading Company – OST


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With a rich, unique, and otherworldly sound, Grammy award winning composer Christopher Tin (Baba Yetu, Civilization IV) will take you Offworld with this original soundtrack. Comprised of 30 dynamic tracks, enjoy the music of Mars anytime you like. Track List Red Planet Nocturne Welcome to Mars Martian Mining and Manufacturing Sea of Sirens “For Happy Workers, Try Adrenaline Boosts!” Roboto Agitato Look at All the Money Thinking Machines Hacker Array Assembly Lines Carbon Scrubbers Trade War Homeostasis MULE Bribery Brave New Planet Glass Furnace Martian Glassworks, Inc. Offworld Price Index Trickle-Down Economics Andante for Hydroponic Systems Sunrise on Mars Sad Robot Lament Sabotage Magnetic Storm Ares Defense Industries Electronics Factory EMP Power Surge Hostile Takeover