Nox Archaist Soundtrack

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A semi-ambient soundtrack to compliment the gameplay of Nox Archaist. It incorporates various game elements and story points. Both MP3 and high-quality FLAC files are included. All sounds created by Electric Moo, except: Upright Bass on Seafaring Wayfarer: Henry Heillig Extra Spellcasting: Dalkhour DíBaere, Jarrod Kailef Extra Voices: The Moore Street Hawkers Mysterious Traveller: Mark Lemmert Inside Cover Art: Denis Loubet Total Runtime: 55 minutes Tracklist: 1. Nox Archaist Suite – 2:50 2. Into Town – 9:40 3. Travelling by Night – 12:07 4. Sea Voyage – 12:18 5. A Fanfare for Queen Isa – 2:30 6. March of the Horde – 5:05 7. Underworld Prelude – 1:55 8. Underworld – 8:40 ARTIST: Electric Moo COMPOSER: Electric Moo