Northgard – Vordr, Clan of the Owl


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Subsisting through the ages, the secretive norns of Vördr keep watch over all realms in Northgard and beyond. Protectors of Yggdrasil, the sisters Skuld, Verdandi, and Urdr, use the power of this sacred tree to spread their knowledge inexorably across the land. The three sisters, known as messengers of the tree, ensure the clan’s well-being. Skuld, the youngest, drives aggressive clan expansion with her youthful energy. Verdandi, the middle sister, protects Yggdrasil and links the clan to the world around it. Urdr, the eldest, leads the clan in their never ending pursuit of knowledge thanks to her profound connection with Yggdrasil. A chosen sister shall assume the mantle of leadership, each of them tending to their people as the need arises, in accordance with their unique attributes. Vôrdr, touched by the blessings of Yggdrasil, does not need to gather wood. Instead, their sacred duty is to nourish the ancient tree with the lore they amass. In this manner, they nurture it, causing it to grow in diverse manifestations. The Yggdrasil serves as the foundation for their constructions and serves as a conduit to spread their enigmatic branches throughout the realms of Northgard. These branches, infused with knowledge, are distributed as they see fit, be it on neutral, allied or even hostile lands. The potential of such knowledge is a mysterious realm unto itself… You don’t collect wood and your forests produce lore. You use your lore to build. The branch of yggdrasil contain knowledge impacting the zone they’re placed in or the clans they belong to. Norns are used to the wilderness, they open ruins, shipwreck and can be assigned to lore production building in neutral territory.