No One Lives in Heaven


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What happens to the inhabitants of a game world after you have finished it? In No One Lives in Heaven, the NPCs have been left alone for years and you are the first person to meet them again. Have you ever wondered if Pacman has a private life when he’s not eating dots or if Mario and his princess are having marital problems after Bowser is defeated? With a lot of humor and a pinch of philosophy, you’ll explore how the characters of old games would fare today if they were abandoned. All your decisions have consequences and influence the course of history. Will you manage to change the fate of the NPCs for the better, or will you yourself become a prisoner of the game? Is your humanity strong enough to stand your ground? No One Lives in Heaven does not give you a role to play. You are not a chosen hero, nor do you have to fulfill a prophecy to defeat an evil force. The role you play is you, and the destiny you decide is your own. 40-hour campaign with high replay value over 100 different endings and an almost infinite number of possible playthroughs, depending on the choices you make humorous dialogues and complex answering options over 200 unique NPCs with over 300 individually designed quests and a multitude of side activities for hundreds of hours of gameplay fun voice over from the American spokesman for Coca Cola, IBM and Chrysler Includes Real Time DLC!