Murderous Muses


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ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE?  Murderous Muses is an old-school FMV adventure that rewards patience, exploration and puzzle solving. It’s not an interactive movie game but it does have over 3 hours of FMV!  WHO KILLED MORDECHAI GREY?  It’s been a year since the unsolved murder of Mordechai Grey. In tribute, Gallery Argenta is about to exhibit six of the artist’s most famous portraits and prime suspects – the ‘Murderous Muses’.  Play as the gallery’s night watch and explore its secrets over three days, whilst paintings spring to life at night, fuelled by the mysterious and scarce ‘Eyes of Mordechai’.  See through Mordechai’s eyes to question suspects, unlock police interviews, and finally deduce who’s the murderous muse…    Solve a murder mystery that re-rolls every time you play  A rich new story setting, Mirlhaven island  Explore a procedurally-generated gallery and share seeds with friends  Puzzles unlock bonus treasure rooms  A persistent ‘trophy room’ to store collectibles  Final score cards and run times for bragging rights A spine tingling new murder mystery from the creators and writers of The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker, The Shapeshifting Detective and Dark Nights with Poe and Munro.  Starring…  AISLINN DE’ATH as Lilith Rendell  ANNA FRASER as Sunday and Monday Finch  BETH GATHERER as Professor Catherine Myers  BEX FINCH as Dominique Serrant  DAVID JOHN-BORES as Xavier Haan  RIKKI STONE as Otto Pipistrelle  RACHEL COWLES as Kira  OLIVIA BOURNE as Sasha Venice  KLEMENS KOEHRING as Dr Crispin Howe  RUPERT BOOTH as Detective Salisbury  AYVIANNA SNOW as J.A.M.I.E.  WILL HARRISON-WALLACE as Higgins