Mortal Glory + DLC

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Mortal Glory leads you into a brutal fantasy world where gladiator fights are common entertainment and death awaits behind every corner. You will be tasked with forming a new team for the annual gladiator tournament and bringing glory to your name. Train your gladiators, find a legendary sword, learn ancient spells, recruit a celebrity, cheat – do whatever it takes to win!Key FeaturesRecruit gladiators – Not everyone is made equal. Each race will come with its different strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, each individual will have a unique set of attributes. Can you form a team that has a shot at the trophy? Tactical turn-based combat – Position your units in battle for maximum benefit and launch a devastating assault at the decisive moment. Each fight will provide unique opportunities to exploit. Random Events – A Mysterious figure appears… Random occurrences are guaranteed, but will they lead you to glory or an early grave? Rare Loot – Receive an heirloom sword after a victory or find a bargain from the local shopkeeper. Each item you run into presents an opportunity to find a legendary artifact fit for cutting down the competition. Each attempt is different – Thanks to roguelike elements, no two playthroughs of the game will be the same. Hone your tactics, adapt your playstyle and reach for the glory! Fresh Blood is an expansion pack to the gladiator roguelike Mortal Glory. Fresh recruits, new tools for bloodshed and a new game mode to conquer – everything you need to keep reaching for Glory!Key Features New Career mode – Choose your opponents, exploit special rules and rise through the ranks! On top of more choices, the game mode comes with new changing special rules like random starting locations or guaranteed critical hits that will keep you on your toes. You might even get the chance to recruit a beast – if you can afford it. In this game mode you only lose if you can’t pay your gladiators to fight. 10+ additional difficulty levels guarantee you will be challenged! New races – 5 new races are lining up to seek glory! Map out your divine path with the Angel or play mind games with the Slitherer. Sneak with the Prowler or learn how to use axes with the Dwarf. If you are lucky enough, maybe you’ll even get the mysterious Umibozu to share something about itself. Bows – No need to get your hands dirty when you can pick off enemies from afar! New skills – Consume nearby blood piles to deliver a devastating blow or channel your excess mana to overwhelm an enemy. Explore these and many more options with 40+ new skills! Other additional content – New events, items, perks & more!