Manor Lords – Soundtrack


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The official soundtrack for Manor Lords transports you back to 14th century Franconia and takes you from rolling hills to raging battlefields. From the strum of the lute to the serene choir, the Manor Lords soundtrack helps bring the game to life. This soundtrack consists of uncompressed WAV files so you can enjoy the work of Pressure Cooker Studios (composers Elben Schutte and Daniel Caleb) in all its glory. TRACK LISTING [3:00] Media Vita (Main Menu) [10:12] The Peasants Cinematic [4:08] Vil Lieber Grussesusse [3:16] Emerging From Winter [9:03] Gentle Cold [4:02] Cantigas de Santa Maria [5:25] Magne Pater [7:52] We Grow [6:52] Blood And Banner [6:56] Humble Beginnings [3:40] Heavy Winter [5:01] Mayenzeit one neidt [8:27] Kings and Paupers [2:19] Llibre Vermell de Montserrat [1:58] Rally and March OST [6:00] Emerging from Autumn [5:28] Cunti Simus Concanentes [5:57] Foundations [4:11] The Peasants [5:03] First Blossom [4:04] Low Loyalty [5:07] Sun and Mist