Lords of Magic: Special Edition


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These are black days for Urak. Evil envelops the land and the people cry out for a savior. For a thousand years, peace reigned on the pastoral lands of Urak. Then forces of darkness, led by the evil sorcerer Balkoth, unleashed a nightmare of war and terrorism that destroyed the people and laid waste to the land. Now the cities are defenceless. The people are starving. The Great Temples of the land, once the centres of beauty and learning lie crumbling, overrun by worshippers of Balkoth. The people pray for a leader who can defeat Balkoth and end this nightmare. Are you that leader?Includes the original Lords of Magic and the Legends of Urak expansion pack A fine mix of the best qualities from Heroes of Might and Magic and Lords of the Realm Addictive gameplay complete with exploration, combat, management and diplomacy