Lila’s Sky Ark Soundtrack

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How to musically capture a psychedelic world atop a floating techno-island, filled with unicorn-foxes, singing dinosaurs, headbanging robot-ghost-musicians, violent spirit rabbits, elephants telling bad-dad jokes, airship-attacks, doctor-father-sirs, rock-band-bossfights, sheep that can’t be used as nuclear bombs, and a girl that is eternally trapped in the ocean’s depth? Well, exactly like that! Again, Gerrit Wolf has refined Lila’s Sky Ark with an outstanding soundtrack, that ranges from ambient electronics to heavy dance-floor pieces, and does not shy away from the occasional tango or “meow”-sample. Groovy, indeed. TRACK LISTING [3:14] Wake Up, Lila [4:16] Welcome to the Rainbow Ark [3:27] Forest Adventure Ahead [4:23] Spirit of the Trees [3:01] Lord Whisp Awaken [3:03] The Drummer [2:40] Footrace Around the Farm Against a False God [3:53] Up, Up Into the Mountain [3:19] Spirit of the Mountain [3:21] Temple of the Field [3:19] THE REAL CATSLUG GOD (feat. Ingo & Ira) [3:31] The Quartett [4:06] Snowy Cliff and Antler Bridge [4:19] Fly to the Sky Shards [5:04] Spirit of the Sky [2:45] Eye and Fist [3:40] The Pianist [2:26] The Ballad of the Rocking Robot Ghost [3:31] The Conductor [2:42] A Short Story of Letting Go [3:57] Above the Waves, Below the Clouds (feat. Nadine) [3:27] Battle Theme Forest (Bonus) [4:23] Battle Theme Dark Forest (Bonus) [3:53] Battle Theme Mountain (Bonus) [4:19] Battle Theme Sky Shards (Bonus)