Haven Soundtrack

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Haven Original Soundtrack includes the 19 tracks from the game’s soundtrack, composed by DANGER. Over the years, DANGER has outgrown his status as just an artist to become a global phenomenon. In keeping an anonymous stage persona since the start of his career and never revealing his identity, DANGER has constructed a dark and mysterious universe that contributes to the spectacular nature of his music.  In the Haven original soundtrack, DANGER returns to his electro synthwave music style, adding more positive and colorful vibes to it, as well as elements of Vaporwave and Funk music, mixed with a new orchestral dimension. “While so far I’ve been more interested in exploring the nightmare zone in my music, the Haven soundtrack gave me the chance to explore other, brighter aspects of childhood.” explains DANGER. 19 tracks, 92 mn. Includes MP3 and FLAC files: 04:42 Still Free 07:41 The Beginning of Something 08:16 Home 10:27 Appledew Stew 11:18 Move It Muffin! 13:39 Source 14:52 Ready When You Are! 15:23 We Can Always Pretend 16:43 Blooting Hornets 17:09 I Can’t Stay Mad at You 19:02 Kusa Makura 20:06 Millions of Lumsecs Away 21:01 Sweet Insomnia 22:12 Until the End of Time 23:49 Do We Glow Too? 00:21 Nothing but Rust 01:53 Now or Never 03:20 Free Fall 05:12 Space Caress