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TEAM UP FOR ONE HELLUVA CHALLENGE Head out on an unforgettable adventure in Toaplan’s FixEight, the spiritual successor to Out Zone. Pick your favorite hero from eight exceptional super soldiers, personalize them for ultimate freedom, and brave seven different hells. Immerse yourself in the heightened excitement, immersive storytelling, and awe-inspiring explosions that redefined the run-‘n-gun genre back in 1992! “In the fateful year HC109, humanity faces an unprecedented threat as omnipotent “Gods” from another dimension launch relentless assaults. In a last-ditch effort for survival, the Galactic Federation frees imprisoned super warriors and dispatches them on a dangerous mission: to eliminate these omnipotent beings and their formidable Heavy Infantry Corps on the enigmatic planet Fortuneā€¦” ORIGINAL GAME FEATURES:Teamwork Triumphs: Choose your champion from eight exceptional super soldiers, each with their unique style, and team up with friends for thrilling three-player co-op action. Mission: Possible! Conquer seven intense levels, battling relentless foes and racing against time with precise controls. Wonder Weapons: Arm your character with distinct super weapons featuring directional attacks and game-changing Specials. Boost your firepower with collectible items to unleash devastating attacks! QUALITY OF LIFE IMPROVEMENTS:Minimal Input Lag: Emulation, input processing, and rendering all complete on the same frame. Quick Save using F1-F10, Reload with Shift+ F1-F10 Online leaderboards for Single Credit, No Assist, and Assisted plays. Instrument panels with extra gameplay information and artwork. Rewind the game between 10-18 minutes, depending on the action. Capture sharable replays to immortalize your interstellar victories (or funny moments). Assist Features such as auto-fire at multiple rates. Very Easy Mode: Lower the difficulty to breeze through the adventure. Pixel perfect or full-screen scaling in windowed or full-screen mode. Rotate the gameplay in 90-degree increments. Hone your skills in the ultra-customizable practice mode!