Expeditions: Viking Deluxe Edition Upgrade


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Pick up the Expeditions: Viking Deluxe Edition Upgrade today and unlock the following content: Digital Original Soundtrack: This soundtrack contains 15 of the game’s music tracks. Composed by award winning Composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen (Lords of the Fallen, Age of Conan), the Expeditions: Viking Soundtrack blends of traditional Scandinavian instruments with classical European horns and orchestral strings. Track List: 1. Prologue Through the Mist 2. A Thegn s Burden 3. The Ocean Beckons 4. Heart of Midgardr 5. Among Kinsfolk 6. Favoured by Thorr 7. Roots of Yggdrasil 8. Beneath the Stars 9. Odinn s Call 10. Wings of the Morrigan 11. Homestead 12. Charge of the Einherjar 13. Vales of Britannia 14. Heather and Thyme 15. Epilogue Pax Romana Digital Art Book: The digital art book contains a collection of art and designs from Expeditions: Viking. From character design to environmental and mood art.