Dr. Chatelet: Faith 神医


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Chaka Chaka, welcome to the Royal College of Physicians! As a young doctor, Châtelet, you will wander through medieval Europe, treating patients in a variety of absurd and curious ways. Real Medical History Four body fluids, astrological medicine and emetics … These absurd and bizarre medical treatments and medical theories, which are actually recorded in the history books, will be presented in Dr. Chatelet: Faith. We will show players a medieval era with authentic documentation. Absurd and Bizarre Mini-games Branding iron to stop the bleeding! Leeches to bleed! Anesthesia with sticks! Balancing bodily fluids with exotic herbs, opening up healing scenes for spectators who want to watch and earning admission fees, all the absurdities that existed in that period are available to you. A Real Social Environment Respected and noble physicians, embarrassed surgeons, discriminated against pharmacists and barbers … Dr. Chatelet: Faith is based on historical information and aims to restore the most realistic social environment and the status of different classes of doctors. The Church, the Society of Physicians, the Royal College of Physicians, various representative organizations will be shown to the players as the protagonist grows. Healers In The Wave As a physician, in the context of the medieval times, one is destined to navigate through the various groups and organisations that are associated with one’s interests. After constant experiments and discoveries, after the destruction of his once strong beliefs, how should the protagonist choose his future? Will he give up the truth and become attached to a powerful association? Or will he firmly abandon his position of power and devote himself to the search for truth?